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Minimum lot and step

in the trading, terminal are equal to 0.0001 for Cent accounts but since there is no native support for cent accounts in INVSWISS Webtrader platform – you have to choose 0.01. The minimum lot for Classic accounts is 0.01, the minimum step is 0.01.


Standard contract

in Forex is 100 000 currency items. The most common leverage in Forex trading is 1 to 100. To achieve the lowest capital requirements clients may choose 1:500 leverage when registering an account. Such leverage value would mean minimum capital of 2$ cents for Cent accounts and 2$ for Classic accounts.



varies depending on equity of your trading account:

INVSWISS reserves the right to reduce leverage up to 1:50.

From $0 to $10 0001:1000
From $10 000 to $100 0001:500
From $100 000 to $250 0001:200
From $250 000 and more1:100


is the term for the available funds on balance for new order opening and support throughout the Forex trading process.

If Lock Protection is triggered by Stop Loss or Take Profit, then this closure will also be denied and Stop Loss or Take Profit will be set to zero.


Exclusive execution and aggregator technologies

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss