Trader's calculator

The trader’s forex calculator is designed to calculate basic parameters: contract size, margin, cost of a point, swap amounts. It provides also live spreads and limit and stop levels for all instruments. Simply enter the initial data into the corresponding fields and press Calculate.

Swaps are applied automatically during rollover (when an order is rolled over to the next calendar day). Swaps are tripled from Wednesday to Thursday. Swaps change throughout time according to the national interest rates.

Limit & Stop levels is the minimum distance (difference in pips) of the Limit or Stop order values from the current price. These levels may be increased before and after publication of the big news and also during the news time.

If at the beginning of the trading session client has an open order on Ex-Dividend date an automatic adjustment is applied on the net order amount. Credit for Buy orders and Debit for Sell orders. Adjustment value = dividend amount (Amount) * number of stocks. Adjustment doesn’t apply for orders opened after the beginning of the trading session.
Positions are closed automatically if debit adjustment amount is greater than the balance amount on the account.

Exclusive execution and aggregator technologies

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss